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The use of bombs to catch fish is a very destructive and dangerous, yet fast and effective way of collecting all the fish available – but what are we going to do tomorrow with only destroyed reefs and no fish left?
Stop Fish Bombing! is an NGO registered as a charity in Hong Kong. (Charity number: 91/7402)

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Fish bombing (also known as ‘dynamite fishing’, or ‘blast fishing’) is a destructive fishing practice in which typically homemade bombs are dropped into the ocean or onto the seabed. Shock waves produced by the explosion either stun or kill fish, some of which are then collected from the surface while the rest sink to the seabed. Fish bombing not only targets fish but all other surrounding marine life, as well as destroying the coral reef which takes many decades to recover.

Stop Fish Bombing! is developing underwater bomb detection technology to help detect
and ultimately eradicate this destructive practice, forever.


One of the UN’s key Sustainable Development Goals since September 2015 is to stop Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing by 2020. That’s just five very short years to tackle a problem of grave global concern. At risk is a major source of protein for billions of people in Asia and the health of the world’s remaining coral reefs. The good news is that Shotspotter technology, which is successfully combatting gun crime in the USA, can now be used to help tackle this fish bombing problem.


Stop Fish Bombing! has the partners and network required to suppress bombing fishing before the UN’s 2020 Sustainable Development Goal 14 expires.